BLS, Hospital Sungai Buloh

Posted: September 21, 2010 by gerardloh in Courses

So, it’s been quite some time since we heard of “One I clear, Two you clear, three everyone clear…”  and hence, it’s about time we report how the seminar went about…

Well, the seminar was held at Hospital Sungai Buloh, which is quite a distance from KL city centre! I myself got lost on the way, having woke up at 6am to get ready and all…but we got there in the end.

The hospital was magnificent, with so many gates. Myself and Goh were one of the firsts to arrive. I was kinda shocked to see him dressed so casually. I had planned on putting on a tie! But decided to stuff it away in my pocket. Apparently Goh announced on facebook that it was semi-formal….ahhh nvm…

So as you can see above, this is the ‘Pusat ATLS’, located on a hilltop (hence the name Bukit Ilmu). This is where we spent 7 hours of our Saturday, but I guess it was well worth it.

Upon arrival, we were given a small text book and a face mask to be used for CPR….interesting…

people started arriving, and it was more like a reunion than a seminar.

“How was your euro trip? How’s induction? How’s elective posting? When you going back?”….it was fun…

Being Malaysians, punctuality is never observed….We finally started at about 830am…A short lecture by Dr.Zuraini

It was an interesting lecture about basif life support and a little about advanced life support too….Prem agrees…

After the lectures….the practical part began…they started dividing us into small groups…

CPR for adults

Adult Choking

Goh attempting to find the correct points for Heimlich Mannouver on ‘Choking-Charlie’

Other stations were Infant choking, Infant CPR, defibrillation, intubation…..and a few more I cant really remember! We had breakfast in between.

After a few minutes for revision, the practical examinations started. We were sent to various stations to perform the practical tasks we were taught a few minutes ago…it was intense!

I myself was one of the first few to be called, together with Kean Seng…..after which, we were put in a “quarantine room”…there goes 1 hour of my life I will never get back…

Finally, all of us had completed the practicals. Most of us passed I guess….then it was lunch time…phew…what a relieve..

The afternoon session was not hands on….only demos on how to perform defibrillation and intubation…

Finally, it was time for a short MCQ test. Mainly about stuff we learned that day but it wasnt to be taken lightly. Those who failed had to return for 2nd attempt!

After a few tensed moments waiting for the results, the staff entered the hall with certificates and the result slip….most of us passed….

some with flying colours….and teaching potential too…who else but our very own HOW President and founder…Dr. Christopher Sheng

Before signing off, our beloved  new HOW president gave his speech….it was one to remember…

At last, a photo with all the facilitators!

It was a tiring day…some say the time was too short to fully absorb and practise. Not to worry, there’s still the text book with beautiful images and step-by-step guide to refresh your memory if the need arises.

For most of us, we went home satisfied, qualified, certified….

and beaming with glee….

note: pls keep your result slip as this is your license!

H.O.W thanks all the staff of MASTEM, and participants for making this another successful event by HOW!

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