Advice and tips for fresh grads

Posted: November 2, 2010 by gerardloh in Uncategorized

advices/ tips for new born dr..
by Dr. Ng Kean Seng, CSMU (ukr) 2010
on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 12:40pm

Hi, congrats everyone for starting another new stage in life. There are some tips or advices to those who started their housemenship, which is a new born.. especially csmu or russia new born doctors

1. Correct attitude
– Correct attitude mean willing to learn, be humble, willing to do more, be friendly n polite to ur colleague or ur superiors, be helpful
– Dun b cocky, dun show unhappy face even though u r, dun b calculative
– Be in the ward earlier, start ur work fast..dun b lazy

2. Study when u dunno a thing
– When ur mo or specialist ask u a thing, or u encounter something tat u dunno, pls learn fast, either online search the info or ask around ..when dunno , dun simply say dunno, say “ boss, I will search it today n let u know tmrw? , thank u for asking me question “

3. Oncall time
– pls be in the ward 1 hour earlier
– Be there earlier to get all the Passover, get to know all the acute cases, ask them agak agak how to handle if emergency happen n if u dunno n write down in a paper.
– Another reason to b there earlier is to secure all the branula in the ward, is to help u reduce ur workload when u r busy, n those hard to set, ask for help to set before ur colleague leave at 5.

4. Be thankful for ur ho leader or ward leader
– They r doing extra works tat dun get paid, so pls respect them.

5. Write down everything that u do in bht
– After u refer a case, or do any procedure, kindly write down n cop in the bht, is to protect urself.. Recently quite a number new baby graduated from csmu or Russian get bad feedback during their works.

Actually I am no one here to gv advices, but I do hope, csmu buddies, pls be smart, pls ask seniors how to survive or adapt.. I believe senior will b helpful n willing to share their advices but v also hv to work hard la..

thank u very much,

Dr. Ng Kean Seng
CSMU (UKr) 2010,
Co-Founder of H.O.W.

  1. mhbh_85 says:

    thanks ng for the tip…i just join the housemanship for past 5months, and the tips u wrote are very useful to me

  2. sarah says:

    i’m finding your website very useful. i have a request though, if its not too much to ask..
    could you write a post listing all the possible things that russian/ukrainian medical students (current ones~) could do to help us assimilate to the working life in Malaysia later?
    i’ve been hearing from my seniors and such that the clerking is very different, PE is very different, etc etc..but no one would tell me how to follow Malaysian style of studying+clerking..

  3. gerardloh says:

    Hi there, you can download our booklets from the DOWNLOADS section. More will be uploaded soon..We have completed booklets from all 6 depts, but they are currently being modified and edited for corrections. Good luck!

  4. deepa says:

    hi there:) thanks a million for the advice. Im going to start my posting next week, and im already shaking from head to toe:) this article is definitely a soothing drug 🙂

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