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Small conclusion about the meeting we had just now.

8 sessions for February training workshop. (only for the 32 volunteers – we will open for other students on March 2011)
Topic list and the team which in-charged the topics are stated below:-

(a) κ team – Respiratory system, Shoulder and Elbow examination 6/2/2011 (Sunday)
(b) γ team – Cardiovascular system, wrist and hand examination 9/2/2011 (Wednesday)
(c) ζ team – Obstetrics, neck and back examination 13/2/2011 (Sunday)
(d) θ team – GIT/GUT. Hip and knee examination 16/2/2011 (Wednesday)
(e) ε team – Neurological examination 20/2/2011 (Sunday)
(f) α team – Haematology, Ankle and foot examination 23/2/2011 (Wednesday)
(g) β team – SLE, gynaecology examination 27/2/2011 (Sunday)
(h) λ team – Thyroid examination and Paediatrics Assessment 2/3/2011 (Wednesday)

“Work and Share, Together We Learn”


Dear all friends, we are going to have 2 parts of HOW Clinical Examination Workshop this year.

1st part will be held on Feb (8 sessions) for training of committee members and volunteers on clinical examination skills. (registration is closed)

2nd part is for all friends here. Registration for the 2nd part will be opened from 15th February 2011 till 18th February 2011 (Registration is F.O.C., early or late registration will not be entertained). Workshop will start on March 2011.

Those who interested please contact Liyana, Fatima or me (Goh) via fb, sms or phone call.

Materials for the workshop were uploaded and downloadable from this site too.

Those who hope to join us on March 2011, please start read up those materials.

All the best everyone!!

Work and Share, Together We Learn.