Topic for Clinical Examination Workshop 2010/11

Posted: January 30, 2011 by kiamseong in Clinical Examination Workshop

Small conclusion about the meeting we had just now.

8 sessions for February training workshop. (only for the 32 volunteers – we will open for other students on March 2011)
Topic list and the team which in-charged the topics are stated below:-

(a) κ team – Respiratory system, Shoulder and Elbow examination 6/2/2011 (Sunday)
(b) γ team – Cardiovascular system, wrist and hand examination 9/2/2011 (Wednesday)
(c) ζ team – Obstetrics, neck and back examination 13/2/2011 (Sunday)
(d) θ team – GIT/GUT. Hip and knee examination 16/2/2011 (Wednesday)
(e) ε team – Neurological examination 20/2/2011 (Sunday)
(f) α team – Haematology, Ankle and foot examination 23/2/2011 (Wednesday)
(g) β team – SLE, gynaecology examination 27/2/2011 (Sunday)
(h) λ team – Thyroid examination and Paediatrics Assessment 2/3/2011 (Wednesday)

“Work and Share, Together We Learn”


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