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Attention to all participants of HOW February and March Workshop, please check out the schedule of HOW April stations below!!

The date of  participation has been rescheduled. Please check it here.
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Short introduction about the April workshop and stations:

The workshop will be held at 5th hostel Taj Wing 2nd floor common hall and MSC room on 26th April (Tuesday) and 29th April 2011 (Friday) from 9.45am-2.30pm.

We will revise here all clinical examination skills that we have learned together during HOW March workshop 2011. =)
On top of that, we will have workshop for Emergency condition in O&G (new), which includes powerpoint presentation, demonstration and hands-on. Please gather at 5th hostel Taj Wing 2nd floor common hall  before station starts at 9.45 am.

10 participants will enter each round to MSC room station. Each station is estimated for about 5 minutes per person then the person has to proceed to the next one after the time is over. Simultaneously, other participants will be in the Emergency Workshop.

After completion of all 10 stations, participants can join the workshop for emergency obstetrics condition.
Further questions about the April workshop kindly contact me, or leave a message below this post.

Good luck!!

“Work and Share, Together We Learn”