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By Dr. Chao Khai Fatt
Dr. Grace Ng Pek Kum
Dr. Parveena Marathamuthu
Dr. Nanthini Ganapathy

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This video is part of a 1 month workshop stint conducted by members of HOW and also volunteers who were referred to as “mentors”. Our mentors were trained during workshops like these, and then started training other participants of a second workshop opened to any students of CSMU interested. The response was great. After completion of the workshop, participants were then tested on knowledge and skills acquired during the 2 months of training.

This mentor system, developed by President Dr. Goh and his central committee, was different from the previous years, where lectures and seminars were conducted once a week instead. Demonstrations were conducted, and guides issued to participants. Lectures and workshops sometimes lasted a whole day.

Goh decided that as most of the major topics were discussed before, this year’s the goal was to focus on clinical examination and clerking skills.

All the examinations were derived from videos from local Malaysian medical schools, international videos on youtube, and guides from previous elective postings of CSMU students. So it’s safe to say, they will provide the basic examination skills a houseman requires, if mastered.

The last batch of CSMU students have graduated, but HOW will continue to deliver information and guides on our blog.

We would like to welcome any house men, medical officers or specialist to contribute and comment on our collected information and guides. Hopefully, this project will reduce the number of incompetent doctors in the future as claimed.