Orthopedics Guide

Posted: February 9, 2012 by gerardloh in Clinical Examination Workshop, Orthopaedics & Traumatology

Dear friends,

The orthopedics guide is now available for download.


click on image to download PDF file

However, most of the notes are based on my experience while working in Ampang Hospital, and may vary in your own healthcare centre.

Hopefully it may serve as a guide for your Orthopedic posting!

Good Luck for your next posting!

  1. wl says:

    I will graduate soon, may i know do we need to know all procedures in Orthropedic before enter Orthropedic posting? Any guide or book other than the guide book that u made(which is very useful) will you recommend for me b4 enter the housemanship

  2. Zulaikha says:

    Im sorry but i cant download the ortho guide for houseman.. Could u pls fix it up? Thank you. Ur web is very helpful

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