The Promise

Posted: September 21, 2014 by gerardloh in Storyboard

This is a story about my mentor

My second posting was one I dreaded the most – O&G

I remember it quite vividly.

It was my first day reporting for duty at the O&G department. Having just came back from a long CNY break, I wasn’t upbeat about this.

The steps were similar, first find the department’s PA, fill in forms…and ooh wait, something different. This time, we were assigned MENTORS.

Ofcourse, prior to the posting, we would ask friends who had passed the posting. How is it like? Who’s the fiercest MO? Who to watch out for? It was always exciting to join a new department.

One by one our names were called. And then came my turn.  I got Dr R.  And yes, she was one of the most feared ones. Gulp!

Tagging in O&G was different. There was a list of things you had to do and a viva with your mentor to pass – including delivering 10 babies.

There were about 10 of us new HOs. So the rat race began. I was never the outspoken HO, and didnt like racing with the rest, so I was quite left behind.

I didnt have the best luck in O&G. While waiting for my potential victims to complete my list, they usually ended up going for a EMLSCS…or a Vacuum delivery! That’s when I met my mentor the first time. She performed the VAD, and I stood there starring at her.  Is this the right time to say hello? Looking at her, she had that aura too..

Suddenly she turned around and looked at me, with those stern, fiery and experienced eyes….and then ignored me, and called for another senior HO to assist.
That’s it lah- I thought. Gone…

Needless to say, I did not dare to approach her as the days gone by..Alas it was time for my assessment…with my mentor.

I gathered all my strength and nervously went up to her – Hello Dr, errr…we are your mentees…(me and wife)…
What came next was something I wish to forget. The thing I call the HAIR DRYER. It was dreadful. I never looked at her face, but I assume it was full of fire and anger.
She stormed off after giving me a piece of her mind, and left us with a certain “promise”.

I was at fault. I admit it. I had waited till assessment day to introduce myself to my mentor! A week after starting at the dept.  I was terrified at the sight of her, what more to approach her.

Eventually, Dr R cooled down, and was REALLY a cool mentor. All of my first times were with her…my first caesar, ectopic…what a coincidence, no?
O&G was the most eventful and disastrous posting for me, but I took comfort in my mentor, and she defended me, and guided me to the finish line. She may have a fiery temper, but deep inside, I saw a confident and caring lady.  She was always approachable and I discovered the funny side of her.

She never really fulfilled her “promise”, and in fact it was the complete opposite.


Ever since then, I always remembered the important lesson.  Always introduce yourself to your bosses, and mentor!



Thank you Dr R, my mentor, my friend.  This is for you



  1. Still H.O says:

    i always get the “HAIR DRYER” things…:( ..hope i can still survive coz sometime feel like quitting all of this

    • gerardloh says:

      One if my seniors always reminded me:
      Gerard,the road ahead will be tough..and sometimes you will feel I need this? It will be difficult…but don’t ever give up or quit..stick with the programme..
      You may have to learn the hard way but nvm..It will come in handy later when u r an mo… hair dryer?nvm..I always try to prove them wrong with my work rate…not one ho graduates and knows everything. It’s a learning curve for all of us..

      So fight on…don’t ever give up..A better life awaits you after 2 years..

  2. rossa says:

    The promise is to extend and make ur life miserable ker…hahhahaahha….u gradually build up ur confidence, skills and knowledge…u were among the helpful and reliable HO…proud to be ur Mentor….do great alwiz!

    • gerardloh says:

      Dr Rosa!! U finally read this story..

      I guess you forgot your promise…hehehe..

      That moment was one of the highlights from my ho days…and I look back with fond memories.. I almost broke down if you rmb all the unfortunate incidents..but you pulled me up… and all I wanted was to make you proud after that..
      I hope I did..

      Thank you for everything dr Rosa…ur the best.. continue to inspire all the HOs!

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