House Officers Workshop Board of 2010

Dr. Goh Kiam Seong

Vice President
Dr. Liyana Ahmad Farid
Dr. Fatimah Shahidah Azmi

Dr. Nabihah bt Ali

Dr. Siva Loshini Thiagarajah

Dr. Teoh Sze Kye

Dr. Sharifah Hartini Syed Hashim

Dr. Tean Chooi Fun
Dr. Lee Liang Juin
Dr. Chan Yong Chieh
Dr. Wong Yi Heng
Dr. Hew Sitt Yin

Dr. Gerard Loh Chien Siong

Dr. George Ezekiel (MSC)
Dr. Vinesh Selan (MCU)
Dr. Adam bin Othman (KUU)
Dr. Poh Xiang Lung (MCACUA)

Team Leaders:
Medicine  Dr. Chao Khai Fatt
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Chong Yi Min
Surgery  Dr. Song Li Herng
Paediatrics  Dr. Ng Pek Kum
Accidents & Emergencies Dr. Nur Marini Zainal, Dr. Wan Fatimah Nabila
Orthopaedics  Dr. Nishaah Renganathan

House Officers Workshop (HOW) was established on 24th March 2009, with a vision to improve
clinical knowledge of CSMU students. On 22nd August 2009, HOW made its debut by organizing the first
workshop for Malaysian House Officers, in association with HTAR Klang, a seminar to brief our fresh grads
on what to expect during their housemanship in Malaysia.

That was only the beginning.

Upon returning from a brief summer break, work began in what was to be a massive project
involving most of the students. Materials were collected, experiences shared, notes documented and
various meetings conducted. Everything was starting to come to life. Alas, the first seminar was scheduled
to be held in November, only to be pushed back by various quarantines!
When all hope was almost lost, the first seminar finally went underway in January!
It was a success with almost a full house!

Within a year, HOW had succesfully conducted 7 seminars & 6 workshops! 6 departments were covered:
Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Surgery, Pediatrics, Accidents & Emergencies, and Orthopaedics.

House Officers Workshop Board of 2009

(Back row) Karthik, Chai Kean Chung, Teo Chiah Shean, Gerard Loh, Goh Kiam Seong
(left to right) Liyana, Chong En Yuan, Ng Kean Seng, Christopher Sheng, Durairaaj, Fatimah

President Dr. Christopher Han Jian Sheng (founder)

Vice President Dr. Ng Kean Seng (co-founder)
Dr. Durairaaj Ramachandran

Secretary Fatimah Shahidah Azmi
V.Secretary Liyana Ahmad Farid

Treasurer Dr. Chong Eng Ngen
V.Treasurer Chai Kean Chung

Dr. Teo Chiah Shean
Goh Kiam Seong
Gerard Loh Chien Siong

Event Planning Unit Dr. Karthikeashvaren Subramaniam

Dr. Mayurran Panirselam (MSC)
Dr. Ramish Peramasivam
Dr. Mohd. Ariffullah Ariffin (KUU)
Dr. Lai Fu Yi (MCACUA)

Team Leaders:
Medicine Dr. Koh Wen Ming
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Lim See Choo
Surgery Dr. Kong Why Hong
Paediatrics Dr. Thamayanti P. Shanmugam
Accidents & Emergencies Dr. Anushamalar Andiappan
Orthopaedics Dr.  Ashok Marappan

We will continue to run H.O.W in CSMU. A new board has been elected to continue leading and teaching our students here in Ukraine.

We cordially invite any medical students, Housemen, medical officers or specialists to join our project to improve the knowledge of fresh medical graduates!

If you are interested to join us as an author/contributor, kindly sign up for a wordpress username and email our administrator gerardloh@hotmail.com. If you would like to share any news, knowledge or past experiences, you may do so too! Your contribution is vital for overall improvement of the quality of medical service in Malaysia!


  1. Richard Benedict S. Roxas says:

    Selamat datang!

    I am a filipino physician, would like to ask if possible I can join your group? My spec. is in molecular medicine.

  2. arm says:

    may i know who is dr wan fatimah nabila?
    i think she is one of my old friend..

  3. ramesh says:

    hi there..i would like to say thanx so much to HOW team. i m grad from indonesia. ur material has been of great help to me. im currently 4th poster in hospital melaka. thanx again.

  4. ann says:

    hi, thanks for being so helpful and kind.
    but how can i get the scanned version of klang hospital protocol and others that is included in the DVD ?

  5. joan says:

    hello there. i would like to say how impressed i am when i stumble across your website and saw how much work and effort is put in to produce such good quality guidebook for your fellow colleagues. i would recommend my HOs in my hospital to follow your example. -Surgical MO from Hosp Selayang

  6. ust says:

    this site helped me a lot.. keep on the good work 🙂

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