Obstetrics and Gynaecology workshop handouts
Medicine workshop handouts

  1. Grace says:

    wow cool!!nice it is useful!

  2. hi;; nice the antepartum heamorrhage
    and i encounter. the definition of this topic..

  3. parveena says:

    great job gerard…

  4. Thomas says:

    the handouts are good, do you guys have other subjects’ handout? i hope you guys can send it to me as a reference for me if u guys have it… thank you…

  5. bahunu says:


  6. bahunu says:


  7. THIAM HOU says:

    is any handouts regarding surgery or orthropedic???i cann’t find it..thanks

  8. vmselvakumari says:

    good job ppl:)

  9. Low Pei Teeng says:

    Good website for houseman

  10. Low Pei Teeng says:

    Good website!!

  11. velvinc says:

    it is truly incredible… im going to start peads posting, wonder is there any peadiatric guide (as O&G and orthopedic, which are really awesome)….may God bless u

  12. surgeon says:

    we a group of doctors , want to start house officer workshop set up in pakistan.

    how can we start collaboration with you people

  13. taufiq says:

    Hai..i find this site is very useful especially for those who r studying oversea..may i copy and sell these note in my community? I think they will appreciate this.

    -medical student from Makassar, sulawesi selatan.

    • gerardloh says:

      Thank you but we strictly do not allow reprinting for sales..Thank you for your cooperation. Any illegal sales is prohibited and we will be forced to take legal action.

  14. zulaikha says:


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