Downloadable reading materials

FAQ by Epsilon-1 team (for all members reference)


NEW! The Orthopedic HO guide (based on Ampang Hospital) by Dr Gerard Loh
ALL IN ONE –  For download

Internal Medicine:



Developmental Milestone Assessment by Lambda-1 team (for all members reference)
Malaysia Paediatrics Protocol 2nd edition (new link for download)

Examination of Lump

  1. Chen Lean Seng (Ben) says:

    Hey, Great job man. Really appreciate what u guys did.

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  3. hardev singh says:

    m a new HO..the information here really helps!
    thanks alot!

  4. mogan says:


  5. afifi says:

    this site is really amazing and full of useful information…love it!may god bless all the people who work hard on this site..=)

  6. volgo Dr says:

    hello there 1st of all i like to express my gratitude for making this such of blog to help overseas students. IT s REALLY HELPING US A LOT! so thanks again.

    here is actually why i writting this..
    >> can someone tell me the exact medical procedures (eg. ABG, LP, CVL etc.) that we as a postgraduate medical student should know theoretically and practically before we can work in Msia hosp later?

    thanks in advance.

  7. medicalstudent says:

    May I know the actual book from which the excerpts for O&G short case notes were taken from? thanks in advance…

  8. fnza says:

    i’m really glad that i found ur site, really helpful in my journey as HO, hopefully u can also shared the how to do procedures ie cvp/chest tube/etc

  9. Arravindh says:

    Good job to all authors and blog team. Thank you and GOD bless

  10. This is so helpful . Thank you so much !

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