Posted: July 23, 2015 by gerardloh in Storyboard

Some of you may be wondering what are these meaningless phrases at the bottom of the guide covers

Well, if you look closely the capital letters are actually names of people who made a deep impression during the HO postings…

BOBOIBOY = code name for someone aka “The Cat”..he wasnt always around but this codename always made me chuckle

LOWGOR = Dr Low WH, affectionately called ” Low Gor “, hard on the outside but caring and supportive deep inside..

MS NOR AISHAH = the name says it all, one of the best HOD you will ever work for

NORA = Dr Nora, medical physician, I will never forget you…supportive during my hard times..

B.PRIYA = One of my favourite Pediatricians who was always nice, caring and loved to teach the HOs

These people made me who I am today, and I dedicate my work to them… Thank you


  1. naeimah says:

    Hai everyone. I am a currently a year 4 medical student and i would like to say that i been using the HO guide for all my postings in third year and it had been extremely helpful. I am wondering, anyone of the authors would like to take a medical student to do an elective. I would be extremely honour to be a tutee under the person to all this wonderful course.

    • gerardloh says:

      Glad that our work has benefited the students as well as HO. There are recent updates to the cpg as these guides were written in 2012, better keep yourself updated with the latest moh cpg ya..

      Anyway, I am currently working in a Klinik kesihatan in miri. Perhaps you can apply for elective posting in hospitals which is more beneficial to your next step as a HO.

      All the best.


      • naeimah says:

        It really benefited me as a medical student as it helps me to focus what I should really learn for the future and not get bogged down with the not important details. I would like to ask your opinion, where would you recommend me to do an elective posting in KL and in what field?

        Thank You

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